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5 Highlights of WebSummit 2022

1️⃣ Women in DevOps

Seven Women in DevOps team and community members arrived in Lisbon for Web Summit 2022, over 70,000 attendees from 160 countries with 42% women attendees. 🇵🇹 It was my first ever web summit and the first face to face web summit since covid. I didn't know what to expect and I really enjoyed the experience, especially going with such an awesome group of 'Women in DevOps' ♀

2️⃣ Opening Ceremony

Before the conference began we had the opening ceremony which included a startup showcase featuring topics from meta avatars and medical AI to property tech. There was a final destination moment when a wire split and a 6 foot speaker was left dangling 100m in the air 🤯 After a delay, the show continued and we had special guest first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, who spoke of the importance of technology "your chosen profession – your field of expertise – is now a battlefield in Russia’s war against Ukraine" 💥

3️⃣ Range of Talks

There were over 1,000 speakers speaking on a range of topics. I spent most of my time at the 'Deep Tech' stage learning about the future and applications of machine learning and AI 🤖 My favourite session was Ciaran O'Mara of Protex AI discussing 'How AI is Transforming Product Development'. There were two takeaways:

  • Trust: Build a solution where pitfalls are understood and can be communicated with end user 📢

  • Understanding the Problem: Not adopting #AI for the sake of it. It needs to fundamentally solves a problem 🔧

4️⃣ Stands, Companies & Countries

It was a big conference! As well as the main stage there were five pavilions filled with stands, startups and stages. I really enjoyed wandering around and seeing what's up and coming on the startup scene. Many countries had stands, the funnest was Brasil 🇧🇷 On the Maersk stand I was lucky enough to win a rubber duck to add to my collection 🦆

5️⃣ Night summit

After the day conference there was Night Summit! Every night we had the opportunity to network, eat, drink and dance the night away 💃🏽 Each night was in a different location, I attended the last night and it was a pleasure to listen to local music by up and coming Portugese electro artists 'stkman', favourite song played was 'blow my mind' 🎶

Bonus 6️⃣ - Surfing in Ericeira

After an intense conference week, it was lovely to decompress and relax in one of my favourite surf spots Ericeira 🌊 I spent the following days at the beach watching the waves and processing everything web summit, a wonderful way to end the week ☯️

Thanks for reading ❣️

@devstefops 👩🏽‍💻🌴💗

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